CSI provides expert management, design, and implementation services to businesses of all sizes.

We can train people how to set up and maintain their own websites.  We have excellent training capabilities and specialize in making complicated or highly technical topics easy for the beginner, manager, investor or businessperson.

Specific services are:
  • Project management
  • C#, .Net programming
  • Python, PHP
  • Mathematical simulations
  • Database design and implementation
  • Website delivery
  • Google Apps and App Engine development
  • Detailed algorithm implementation
  • Motion control 
  • Research and development
  • Multi-platform system administration
  • Data center management
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Criminal Justice
  • Search
  • Document Processing

Recommendation pro bono

We recommend using Google Apps for building websites.  It is simple.  It can support forms that automatically update spreadsheets in your Google Apps account with notifications.  To establish a Google Apps account under your domain name takes a little work.  But, given that you end up only paying for the domain name registration, there is very little ongoing cost for a solution that will scale to huge volumes without any changes.

If your company needs an internet presence, Google Apps has the power to deliver most web application needs and is the quickest way to deploy form-based information gathering from the public or logged in users.  We believe this is the most cost effective solution on the web market.

Should your enterprise need more sophisticated applications than just forms and spreadsheets, our company, Cyberdyne, can deliver applications based on the Google Apps Engine which take advantage of Google's infrastructure while delivering data securely and privately to your enterprise servers. 

Typical databased web applications and development methods require months of work to test and deploy.  Google Apps take hours to setup and deploy.  Call us for more information.